Graphic Design & Branding

Handling Publicity for IEEE NTU & NTU Debate Society

As the Publicity Director for two student clubs at NTU, I was responsible for all forms of branding: from posters and logos to T-shirts and websites.

Debate Society

I tried to create my designs based on how people would connect with the club or what emotions they would associate with the events. This was the aspect of design that fascinated me the most when I was studying design thinking.

I genuinely enjoy thinking about these things when I work on any project. I hope to extend good design to my work beyond pixels; to words, code and all of life!


Logo/branding for a friend's startup

My biggest design inspiration has always been the work of my friend, Akshat. Feel free to check out my design portfolio on Behance.

Chaitanya K. Joshi

Research Engineer at A*STAR, Singapore

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