:smirk_cat: Evie.ai

:smirk_cat: Evie.ai

Interning at an AI startup

We are on a mission to free people from having to juggle busywork while doing their real jobs.

Evie.ai is the company behind Evie, the artificially intelligent assistant for the 99%. Evie automagically schedules your calls and meetings (via email) according to your preferences and calendar. She handles all the back-and-forth with multiple invitees to find the best time according to everyone’s schedule, and lets you focus on the important stuff.

What I did

Since Evie conducts conversations over emails exactly like a human assistant would (and its easy to mistake her for one!), the entire product pipeline is built around a core conversational intelligence AI.

I worked on the task of migrating parts of the core AI from rule-based/symbolic AI to more generalized statistical models. I built and integrated deep learning pipelines for language understanding and reasoning (both supervised and unsupervised) using Tensorflow and Django.

Some big challenges in building something like this besides general language modelling were dealing with real-world concepts like time, locations, and human relationships. Things got even messier when accounting for typos, emojis and a multitude of styles for greetings, salutations and titles that people tend to use.

Towards the end, my projects on semantic role labeling & unsupervised clustering of emails were shipped into production. :-)

My first job

Evie.ai (called Mimetic.ai at that time) was my first real internship in tech. I’m so grateful to Jin and the entire team for the fantastic experience that gave me a lot of perspective on my own career path. Besides all the technical stuff, it taught me important lessons about building a product from the bottom-up and how much more goes into running a startup than just cracking the tech.

Chaitanya K. Joshi

Research Engineer at A*STAR, Singapore

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