:computer: Organizing iNTUition (NTU's Hackathon)

:computer: Organizing iNTUition (NTU's Hackathon)

A hackathon is a technology and programming event where newbies and seasoned veterans alike spend the weekend building meaningful and/or crazy hacks. The term “hack” is used to describe how multiple technologies can be used together in a new & innovative way. Sleeping is optional, but trying to make awesome things is not.

iNTUition is NTU’s premier student-run 24 hour hackathon, organized by the IEEE NTU Student Branch. To say the least, this annual event was the most meaningful part of my undergraduate education.

If there is one word I’d use to describe iNTUition as well as the associated student clubs, the IEEE NTU Student Branch and the NTU Open Source Society, it would be Community. An optimistic and passionate community that gave meaning to our shared experience, and shaped our professional as well as personal paths beyond NTU.

Hosting iNTUition

As Vice President of IEEE NTU, I lead the organization of iNTUition's 2018 edition!

I feel proud to think about how iNTUition has grown from 60 participants at its inception in 2015 to a 250+ thriving community of hackers and makers across Singapore in my final year. The President (:wink:) wrote a heartwarming blogpost describing our journey.

I intend to update this post with my own tributes, soon.


The Brogrammers: Suyash, Bobby, Nikhil, and me!

Chaitanya K. Joshi

Research Engineer at A*STAR, Singapore

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