Freelance Football Journalism

Covering European and Indian football for online blogs

I’ve been in love with the sport of football ever since I was allowed to stay up late to watch the FIFA World Cup in 2006. In 2014, I decided to turn my passion into words and started writing articles about European football on a personal blog. Friends and family appreciated my work and I enjoyed the process of critically thinking about and presenting my analysis on various aspects of football.

Blogging and SoccerLens

Having built up a humble portfolio, I was pleasantly shocked when SoccerLens, a website with over 20,000 daily visitors, accepted my application as a content writer. I began churning out articles on whatever caught my fancy during the football season. It felt amazing when my articles on Problems at FC Barcelona, Machester United’s Transfer Targets, and Atletico Madrid’s Tactics were published, read and commented on by thousands of people around the world!


Indian Football and TheHardTackle

Come November 2014, I was very excited about the premier season of the Indian Super League and decided to start an unofficial fan blog for my city’s team: Delhi Dynamos FC. Soon, I was contacted by an editor at TheHardTackle, one of the best blogs on Indian football, and began writing for them in collaboration with my fan blog. I had a lot of freedom with my ideas and topics but was given strict deadlines and word limits. Everything from spending hours reviewing an article to seeing it published felt very real. I’d never worked this hard for any subjects at school!

Delhi Dynamos FC Fan Blog

Delhi Dynamos FC Fan Blog

Through this journey, I realized that despite chosing not to pursue journalism as a career, I love the idea of sharing my creations with the world and creating content that people want to consume. I am forever grateful to everyone who trained and motivated me to write. Conveying your thoughts through words is amazing!

Chaitanya K. Joshi

Research Engineer at A*STAR, Singapore

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