Project Element

Project Element

An initiative to help students find their passion

In the summer of 2015, a group of students from The Mother’s International School’s class of 2015 took up an initiative to help students discover their passions. Having just finished our schooling and felt a growing frustration with the Indian education system along the way, we wanted to do something about how our society put pursuing careers such as engineering and medicine on a pedestral while looking down upon anything unconventional or creative.

Working with the best of the class of 2015 in 18 different fields, we conducted a series of workshops that were attended by over 100 students along with interactive online content that benefitted over 3,000. Each workshop was carefully created based on the instructor’s personal experience in the chosen field.

Finding your element

You are designed for a purpose; something you are uniquely suited to. You show both a natural inclination towards it and a liking for it, and while doing it you maximize your capacity for brilliance. It is this something which is said to be your ‘element’.

The keynote video ft. Steve Jobs and Sir Ken Robinson

My journalism workshop

I conducted the workshop on journalism, based heavily on the skills gained and challenges faced while working as a freelancer and starting the Delhi Dynamos FC Fan Blog. The experience was exciting and challenging: I was outside my comfort zone teaching these kids but I hope it inspired someone to pursue journalism alongside school work.

Read some of the participants’ work on Medium.

Project Element

Chaitanya K. Joshi

Research Engineer at A*STAR, Singapore

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